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Popshoppers feat. Suzie Kerstgens - Helden

At the discotheque


release date, Germany: 3rd of February 2006

The Popshoppers came back with another conceptual album. This time it is not about the colourful world of advertisement as in their debut (Popshoppers' Shopping Guide), but rather the discotheque – the Club - the place of yearning, reflection of the world and where wishes come true.

Well suited to this subject, the Popshoppers juggle with dance genres by mixing disco, soul, funk, jazz, house, electro, gospel and Latin elements.

Two sensational singers bring life to the female vocals: Suzie Kerstgens, front woman of KLEE and Janea. Señor 45 and Mr. Alfa sing the male parts. And, of course, singer Citronic (Citron) once again adds a very charming song to the album.

Almost all the lyrics are written in German or in the typical German-English-French-Spanish Pop-Esperanto:
The album features themes such as flirtation on the dance floor (Tanzfläche, dance floor), musical impressions of a journey (New World Travels) or exotic love affairs (Ich will zurück nach Reykjavik, I want to be back in Reykjavik). The Popshoppers even out themselves as a sort of  Pop-Sect (We are the Popshoppers) and they are willing to make remarkable confessions in their songs: “Ich will aussehen wir Cher” (I want to look like Cher)…. “Ich wünschte, sie nennen einen Club nach mir” (I wished they called a club after me) or “Es gibt nichts auf dem Planeten, was ich nicht trinken kann” (There is nothing on this planet which I cannot drink).
David Bowie’s Heroes is included as a cover version in German (Helden) and re-made in the typical Popshoppers-style. This song is also their first single release from this album.