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Birds do it

DIG004 LP (limited gatefold double vinyl)

release date, Germany: 9th of september 2002

Everything you ever wanted to hear from Oswalt Kolle and other sex-education-movies of the 1960s and 70s

30 years after the last movie of Germany's leading sex-educater Oswalt Kolle was shown in the German cinemas, we now present a never before available comprehensive compilation to this cinematic phenomenon: the sex-education-movie.

This compilation contains the best tunes from the Oswalt Kolle movies and his rip-offs which have been made in the years 1967 to 1973, e.g. Oswalt Kolle: Zum Beispiel Ehebruch, Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder Der Liebe 2, Oswalt Kolle: Dein Kind, Das Unbekannte Wesen, Die Sexuellen Wünsche Der Deutschen, Junge Leute Wollen Lieben,  Liebe In 3 Dimensionen, Sex Pervers, Hausfrauen-Report International, Geheimtechniken Der Sexualität, Sex-Träume-Report, Ehepaar Sucht Gleichgesinntes, Van de Velde: Die Vollkommene Ehe

The CD and the limted double vinyl contain 20 catchy tracks, nearly all of them previously unreleased, which show the entire stylistic range of the ending 60s and arising 70s: big-band-soul, easy listening, dirt-rock, funk guitars, lounge jazz and orgiastic psychedelic beats answer all "sound questions" the Germans were afraid to ask.

  Besides Heinz Kiessling, the leading composer of the Oswalt Kolle - movies, such well known artists as Peter Schirmann, Kristian Schultze or Maurice Pop delivered stylish sounds for naked facts.

Including exclusive liner notes by the highly acclaimed Absurd 3000 movie-mag authors.